We'll create new algorithms by analyzing and evaluating the knowledge and big data we gain through the project that launch in the education sector.
These algorithms will then be applied not only to the education sector, but also to other industries, opening up new possibilities for what education will be able to do.

Optimization Tutors For

A Learner

In the field of education, the algorithm will be applied to maintain and improve the learning motivation by visualizing achievement of learner, and to improve the teacher’s performance by optimizing teaching methods for individuals.

Prediction and Evaluation 

Prediction and Evaluation due to learning behavior data will be changing how to learn. 
Your behavior will change, possibility will be change of yourself as well.

Alliance With

Business Company

Opportunity of Alliance partnership.

We are looking for educational institutions, private education companies, and private companies (human resource departments, recruiting departments, training departments, etc.) in Japan and abroad that agree with our corporate philosophy and the purpose of our advanced research.


Alliance Case

  • Verification and demonstration in the educational field

  • Verification and demonstration in the private sector

  • Big date collaborative generation

  • Algorism collaborative research

  • Collaborative research from an academic perspective

Shanghai ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech

Optimization for each ONE.

We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry.


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