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Educational Psychologist

Employment Type : Full-time

Work Location: Tokyo, Veitnam

Basic Qualifications : 

  • MSc or PhD level in a relevant field;

  • 3+ years of relevant Educational Psychology's  experience required;

  • Proven experience working with Teacher and Student;

  • Communication skills in English and Japanese;

Al Developer,


Employment Type : Full-time

Work Location: Vietnam

Basic Qualifications : 

  • MSc or PhD level in a relevant field;Experience; implementing machine learning models;

  • 3+ year experience of Python programming;

  • Design with REST API;

  • Communication skills in English and Japanese;



Employment Type : Full-time

Work Location: Tokyo, Vietnam

Basic Qualifications : 

  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities;

  • 3+ year experience of Algorithm Research;

  • Modeling of learning behavior data as preferred qualifications;

  • Communication skills in English and Japanese;

Cloud Computing


Employment Type : Full-time

Work Location: Shanghai

Basic Qualifications : 

  • 3+ year experience of AWS in the below;

  • Experienced in Lamda,  Containers, Elastic Kubernetes Service, Auto Scaling, VPC, Rooting Protocol, DNS, F/W;

  • Communication skills in English and Japanese;

​We're Shanghai ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech

Coporate Philosophy

For the Future of Each One.

​Our mission is to "Contribute to people’s growth through our corporate activities."
We work for a future where this growth builds a prosperous society, and this prosperity in turn leads to happiness. 

What We Do

We're algorithm provider and technology company for educational industry. 
Conduct new research and develop technologies that will change the way people think about education.

Share Holders

KEI Advanced, Inc.

KEI which is a business company of Kawaijuku Group have  been providing a lot of stracture for educational sector.

Officer, Auditor

Chairperson, Katsura Ogawa

Director, Shuichi Tatsumi

Director, Yuka Yamaguchi

Auditor, Shigeyuki Tsuzuki

Shanghai ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech

Optimization for each ONE.

We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry.


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