Personalized Person-to-Person Matching To Facilitate Learning And Achievement

For the continual support to students, we need to find better ways to motivate students to find best tutors through our 'humans psychological bond suggestions.

What to learn, and from whom to learn it.

We're trying to solve this problem on global scale.


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Experience via Algorithm

​We're algorithm provider and technology company for educational sector. 
Conduct new research and develop technologies that will change the way people think about education.

Analyzing and Optimization Through Learning Behavior Data

Our algorithm will be applied to maintain and improve the learning motivation by visualizing achievement of learner, and to improve the teacher’s performance by optimizing teaching methods for individuals.


Optimization Tutors For

A Learner

Educational Industry

In the field of education, the algorithm will be applied to maintain and improve the learning motivation by visualizing...

Prediction and


Educational Industry

​​Prediction and Evaluation due to learning behavior data will change you. You will change, possibility will be... 

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Business Company

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We are looking for educational institutions, private education companies, and private companies... 

Current educational models were created based on the premise of equal educational opportunity in the days when there was no Internet access.These educational models ensure that everyone receives the same education by implementing education and its operation efficiently and lead to a systematic structure based on a systematic lesson plan. However, it is not a best system for those who do not adapt to the systematic structure and at the same time, this was true for both those teachers and learners. As the approach to solve these challenges, we concluded to develop an algorithm to achieve the concept of “Establishing a system of educational opportunities, not just a one-size-fits-all approach to education” through optimizing of matching for teachers and learners.



 For the Future of Each One. 

Our mission is to "Contribute to people’s growth through our corporate activities."
We work for a future where this growth builds a prosperous society, and this prosperity in turn leads to happiness.

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We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry.


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